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Ask These 6 Questions to Make Rational Decisions

Ask These 6 Questions to Make Rational Decisions Article by Cecilia MeisPeople accidentally swallow eight spiders every year in their sleep. Although debunked numerous times, this myth remains the most widely circulated fact of the 21st century, according to the National Institute of Arachnological Research.Did you believe me? Because I just lied to you.Proving such a statement would be tedious. Also, a quick internet search would reveal that the National Institute of Arachnological Research doesnt exist.Why do myths persist despite published research proving their opposites? Because somewherbeie in your memory, youve stored something that sounds familiar. It might have been a sibling trying to scare you. You might have a mild spider phobia. You might have read it in a 1993 article by Lisa Holst, who, ironically, was trying to demonstrate why people readily accept facts shared through schmelzglas chains. The myth triggers an emotional rather than a sk eptical response.It can be dangerous to rely on your gut, or whatpsychologist Daniel Kahneman calls System 1 thinking automatic judgments that stem from associations stored in the memory. This type of thinking develops over time as people attempt to make sense of seemingly random events that occur around them. The mora we make sense of our environments, the more control or perceived control we have over our lives.But our guts can lead us astray. Our biases can drive us to focus on the wrong information or seek information that matches rather than challenges what we already believe.To build your rational-thinking skills, ask yourself these questions1. What Would I Say to a Friend?Create space between your thoughts and feelings. You can do that by pretending to give advice to a friend, which allows your brain to switch from rumination to problem-solving. The more highly charged the situation, the more you need to separate yourself from your momentary feelings. Recent studies have foun d that journalingin the third person allows you to evaluate yourself and your situations more clearly and thoughtfully.2. What Are Three Possible Outcomes?Uncertainty is terrifying. Its easier and less stressful to imagine a single outcome, so we do. Instead, researchers say you should imagine multiple outcomes to improve your accuracy and logical thinking.If youre imagining the possible success of your business in five years, come up with three figures thatpredictyour level of success high, medium, and low. Your high and low numbers should be improbable but not unrealistic. This approach helps you avoid being blindsided by extremes on either endby planing for their possibility.3. What Is the Counterargument to This Decision or Belief?We like to be right. We like for others to agree with our decisions or beliefs. However, when we think with our System 1 minds, were often blind to other options or perspectives. Use the following tips to frame counterarguments that will help you asses s your position more rationally- Be generous in your research and genuinely thoughtful when building a counterargument.- Shift your motive from winning to gaining value. Julia Galef, cofounder of the Center for Applied Rationality, says this allows her to imagine a scenario where she never loses, because one of her options will likely help her succeed.- List the points of agreement between both arguments.- Compare both arguments side by side, as if someone else wrote them.Shifting your mindset to someone elses view isnt easy. Galef advises using mindfulness techniques to identify when your emotions are running high particularly when someone is challenging your beliefs. Focus on seeking the truth rather than on winning.4. Why Am I Attached to This Decision or Belief?People often cling to irrational beliefs because theyre attached to their identities. Maybe your spouse says an alternate route is faster than the one youve always taken. You overreact, maybe because you think your spous e is insulting your intelligence. Researchers say your sense of self-worth is a significant factor in rational thinking.One study found that when people feel positively about themselves, theyre more likely to accept uncomfortable facts. Before looking at information that challenges your beliefs, write down your top three qualities and recall examples of each. Explain your reaction so your spouse knows how to better present alternatives in the future.5. Is This Too Good to Be True?Your mom was right Information that sounds too good to be true often is. Generic or flowery languagecan cover factual inconsistencies.For example,Colgate found trouble after claiming more than 80 percent of dentists recommendedits brand. What the company failed to mention was that those dentists recommended Colgate along with other brands.Pay special attention to the wordsa claim uses recommended versus preferred, for example. Also watch for averages without context and whethera claim seems completely one- sided. If it feels too good (or bad), it probably is, so dig a little deeper.6. Is This Harmful?Seeking truth is important, but so is knowing when you shouldnt waste your timechallenging meaningless falsehoods.For example, during a casual conversation at a networking event, someone might tell you they hold the record for the most hot dogs eaten in 10 minutes in the state of Georgia. Before you whip out your best according to voice, ask yourself if this lie is harmful. The claim, though potentially false, doesnt affect anyone except Georgias actual hot-dog-eating champion, but only if that winner is relying on sponsorship funding from people at the same networking event.If youre planning to work with this person, maybe you should determine whether theyre a compulsive liar. Otherwise, smile, nod and politely exit the conversation.Rational thinking requires removing emotional responses, checking biases, and considering other options before trying to convince your grandmother that shes eaten 680 spiders in her life.By the way, according to Bill Shear, former president of the American Arachnological Society, Spiders regard us much like theyd regard a big rock. It looks like youre safe.Look it up if you dont believe me.Versions of this article originally appeared on SUCCESS.comand in the October 2017 issue of SUCCESS Magazine.Cecilia Meis is the integrated content editor for SUCCESS magazine and She recently earned a bachelors degree from the Missouri School of Journalism. A Kansas City native, Cecilia enjoys sand volleyball, new stationery, and a heaping plate of burnt ends.

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Deadline Approaching for Special Journal Issue on Biomass Energy

Deadline Approaching for Special Journal Issue on Biomass Energy Deadline Approaching for Special Journal Issue on Biomass Energy Deadline Approaching for Special Journal Issue on Biomass EnergyMay 26, 2017 The guest editors of an upcoming special issue of the ASME Journal of Energy Resources Technology are currently accepting manuscripts covering recent developments in biomass energy research. The deadline to submit a paper for the special issue is July 1.The special journal issue, which is scheduled to be published in April 2018, will focus on recent advances in the fundamentals and applications of biomass energy. Derived from the organic matter of plants and animals, biomass energy is an alternative fuel source with the potential to help meet global energy needs without negatively impacting the environment, since it is renewable, plentiful, carbon-neutral and low in nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides.The special issue will concentrate on the fundamentals and applications of biomas s energy with respect to recent advances in resource characteristics, conversion processes, reaction properties, and utilization systems. The guest editors are seeking papers addressing a range of topics, including properties of biomass fuels, bio-gas, bio-oil, bio-char and bio-chemicals combustion properties of biomass fuels and products burning speed, flammability limit, autoignition conditions gasification characteristics of biomass fuels and products utilization of biomass fuels and products experimental and simulation of biomass conversion technologies, processes and systems optimization design for biomass conversion processes and systems and upgrading of biomass fuels and products. The guest editors for the special issue are Ashwani K. Gupta of the University of Maryland, Oronzio Manca of Universit degli Studi della Campania Luigi Vanvitelli, Gongnan Xie of Northwestern Polytechnical University, Haochun Zhang of Harbin Institute of Technology, and Yaning Zhang of the Universi ty of Minnesota.Manuscripts for the Special Issue on Recent Advances in Fundamentals and Applications of Biomass Energy, which should be no longer than 9,000 words and nine pages in length, should be submitted by July 1 through the ASME Journals Digital Submission Site at https// Authors should select Energy Resources Technology from the list of journals on the left side of the page, and then select the Special Issue 04/2018-BioEnergy.For more information on the ASME Journals Program, visit https//

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Seasonal Hiring Trends for Growing Businesses

Seasonal Hiring Trends for Growing BusinessesSeasonal Hiring Trends for Growing BusinessesSeasonal Hiring Trends for Growing BusinessesFor organizations with 50 or a few hundred employees, seasonal hiringfor peak season is a perennial challenge. In 2011 the challenge is only getting steeper, as labor costs come under greater scrutiny in the post-recession retrenchment.This economic shift has forced businesses and schools into a new model and made them see the value proposition of seasonal labor, says Brian Keenan, president of the consulting and staffing division of Core Education and Consulting Solutions of Atlanta.Seasonal Hiring Is Redefined Indeed, temporary staffing is expanding into new sectors like education, as companies look to squeeze every drop out of work schedules. Our clients are experiencing a confluence of two realities budgetary constraints and seasonal patterns, says Keenan. For example, to live within shrinking budgets, many schools are bringing in non-executive se cretaries for the 9-month school year, to serve both parents and faculty, he says.In the hospitality industry, long accustomed to leveraging seasonal labor, the slack in the US labor market is providing a rare opportunity to upgrade the quality of this specialized workforce.When I was working in the hospitality industry, we would just grab seasonal people if you had a pulse, youd be hired, says Jeff Lolli, an instructor at Widener Universitys School of Hospitality Management in Chester, Pa. Today theres a much greater pool of people, and employers are being extremely selective.Students Are a Better Value than EverStudents with a healthy work ethic have always been a strategic component of the seasonal workforce, even if they have little or no industry-specific background.But now, with jobs scarce, students in a given industry provide even greater value as seasonal employees and more are available for work. Its become very difficult for our hospitality students to get seasonal posi tions, says Lolli. Some have even worked for free.Students and college recruits can provide seasonal help while simultaneously bonding with the employer, cultivating a professional relationship that could feed the recruitment pipeline.Some of our seasonal workers are accounting students in the junior or senior years, says Karla Dennis, CEO of Cohesive Tax, an accounting firm in Cypress, Calif. They have a very good fundamental background, so theyre doing reconciliation, payroll tax returns, W-2s, and so on.Seasoned Workers for Seasonal WorkMany employers, finding more of last years seasonal workers still available, are bolstering their contingent workforces with returnees who provide year-over-year continuity and season-specific experience.Some of our seasonal people have been with us for a number of years, says Alan Fiske, managing director of Fiske Co., a Plantation, Fla., consulting and accounting firm. These professionals are accustomed to the part-time income that comes with t he job, according to Fiske.While many seasonal workers would jump at any offer of permanent employment, others are content with a job that comes with a periodic schedule.For some of our seasonal staff, this is their second job, or theyre taking classes, says Jessica Barrera, human resources manager for Blue Plate Catering in Chicago. Blue Plates seasonal workers appreciate workplace flexibilityour staff books their own schedules, Barrera says.Signs Point to Slight Tightening in LaborAlthough the US unemployment rateis still very high, the seasonal employment market may be starting to shift some power back to workers.Our fill times for school districts are getting a little longer now, says Keenan.In the hospitality industry, hotels and resorts are reinvesting in recruitment, anticipating an accelerating recovery. Well have 50 recruiters at our career fair in 2011, up from 32 last year and 25 the year before, says Lolli.Unemployment Taxes Are a Rising IssueMultiple extensions to unemp loyment benefits have distorted the labor market for many business owners. Some of our clients have had challenges recruiting because their jobs are relatively low paid and workers can collect unemployment for up to 2 years, says Rob Wilson, president of human resources outsourcing firm Employco in Westmont, Ill.The current state of unemployment compensation has also motivated many companies to think twice before hiring substantial numbers of seasonal workers, only to have them collect unemployment benefits through the entire off season, often at additional expense to the employer.If you lay off workers, depending on the state, it can cause your unemployment tax rate to rise, says William Even, a labor economist and professor at the Farmer School of Business at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. In some situations its better to keep those employees on and increase and decrease hours with the season, Even advises.

Friday, December 20, 2019

3 Benefits New Parents Should Look for in Their Job Search

3 Benefits New Parents Should Look for in Their Job Search3 Benefits New Parents Should Look for in Their Job Search Whether youre re-entering the workforce or simply looking for a change of pace, both parents and soon-to-be parents face unique challenges while job hunting. Considerations move far beyond basic benefits and salary questions. Asking, How well can I take care of my family with this job? raises the stakes much higher than asking, How well can I take care of myself and my partner with this job?And when you add in the fact that everyone - parent or not - wants to best serve their career goals with every job change, the situation becomes much more complicated.At Zappos , Ive been fortunate enough to experience a workplace that is not only family-friendly, but in some ways, family-first. Since I began working at Zappos, Ive had two children. Ive seen the landscape evolve from flexible for parents to supportive to parents. Its a subtle distinction, but its an important one. Although Zappos employees may be uniquely lucky in that respect, there are certain features that parents in any field should keep top-of-mind while interviewing for new roles.Here are the top three to considerFlexibility alone isnt enough, but its indispensable, particularly for new parents. Working around daycare hours, adjusting to a new nanny, even adjusting to the transition back to the workplace itself is difficult Id never recommend going into an interview and asking, How flexible are you when I have childcare concerns? but do pay attention to how flexible they are with scheduling in general.Having an employer who focuses on getting the work done well instead of when youre doing the work is nice-to-have for a single person, but its a game changer for a parent.One benefit Ive been seeing more and more employers offering is a ramp back program. It can take many forms, allowing parents to ease back into their working lives after staying at home with thei r little ones. At Zappos, we created a program around this mindset. We offer a program that allows new parents to work on an altered schedule so their transition back to work after maternity or paternity leave is less stressful. When heading back to work, parents arent always prepared for how disorienting the change can be. One day, youre in all-consuming baby mode, the next youre back at your 9-to-5. Its a drastic change New parents shouldnt be penalized for taking maternity or paternity leave. Employers should make coming back as easy as possible.Benefits arent always intangible - dont forget to take a look around at what they offer at the office.Here at Zappos, were always learning from like-minded companies and listening to feedback from our employees. One benefit weve recently implemented is emergency off-site daycare, meaning that parents never have to be put in the uncomfortable position of trying to find child care belastung minute.We also have mothers rooms throughout th e building for nursing mothers. I think this is really cool, because it means that if youre breastfeeding, you no longer have to be relegated to the bathroom or closet, which is unfortunately too real for lots of moms. Not only do our mothers rooms offer privacy, Zappos also provides hospital-grade pump machines (no more lugging bulky kits to work) and refrigerators in every room to store the milk.While not every company has the resources for pump rooms or daycare , its important to think about proximity to your child while job hunting. Shaving off an extra minute here and there means a lot.Traditional benefits are still extremely important.A lot of companies are catching up with fantastic maternity and paternity benefits - at Zappos, we offer 4 months off at 100 percent pay, with an extra month ahead should it be medically necessary. When doing research on maternity leave policies, there are few that offer one year of paid time off or anything close to it so when you find a goo d policy jump on itOur healthcare is similarly impressive, and great for families. We cover 100 percent of health care for employees and 50 percent of health care for dependents. When you get down to brass tacks, your health care plan is one of the most important benefits you get from your workplace. Even though parenthood presents a new host of considerations for your job hunting, dont forget to interrogate the foundational stuff that would make or break another opportunity, pre-parenthood. Emergency daycare and offering flexibility in schedules is nothing without a healthcare plan that is both affordable and makes sense for your family.

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Video Chapter 5 What Reforms Matter Most

Video Chapter 5 What Reforms Matter Most Video Chapter 5 What Reforms Matter Most Video Chapter 5 - What Reforms Matter Most?Decision Point Dialogues II STEM, Chapter 5 - What Reforms Matter Most?Danica and Derek live in a state that has adopted the Common Core standards. How will the state/s Governor explain these reforms to concerned parents? What reforms would make the biggest difference in improving these students/ STEM education?This fifth and final episode is part of the second Decision Point Dialogues programCritical Thinking, Critical Choices What Really Matters in STEM. Here, celebrated journalist John Hockenberry, host of the public radio program The Takeaway, leads 12 influential STEM thought leaders through a myriad of intricate cultural, economic, and education related conflicts based on a mock scenario.Join the conversationon the fourth episode.Stay connected to the ongoing dialogue with subject matter experts and access exclusive content by ogues. The copyright of this program is owned by ASME.

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Using Resume Profile Statement

Using Resume Profile Statement Include an Education resume section to the peak of your document. The resumes for college students should be shown in a well written format with the suitable use of words and grammar. Read aloud what youve written so you can see thoroughly that you havent missed out any critical point. Paired with a cover letter, youre guaranteed to land at the peak of the interview pile If you do a resume example search, you will likewise find cover letter examples also. You just need to select the one which you have to use and then use your resume example in reservierung to produce the very best letter for your resume. Rather than stating what you would like, make the previous sentence of the profile statement all about your urge to add to the employer. Such statements makes employer think what type of doing suites you instead of what you could do. After all, its intended to supply a clear, concise statement outlining the kind of employment you seek. So, by c ombining three aforementioned parts you will receive a strong and persuasive profile statement prepared to impress every hirer. Knowledge sharing could possibly be difficult, indeed. Education and experience are simple to say. Teaching jobs usually need specific degrees and certifications, so be certain to highlight your education. Proofreading is of extreme importance when you need to land that coveted teaching job. The Number One Question You Must Ask for Resume Profile Statement Sometimes you try to do your best and even then youre not able to score well in your home tasks. After you receive a job, you barely have enough time to do laundry. Your resume says a whole lot about you. Others might call its easy, part of patience. There can be few things in life that have left the most influence on your professional life. Many a times it is essential to compose the work objective at the entry level. A great deal of people believe that a personal objective statement is an im portant part of your resume. On the flip side, if the individual is in the field from a long duration of time, then job objective isnt important. Resume profiles are the very first chance to highlight somebodys relevant career experiences, skills, and what goals they are trying to achieve while in their next position. No matter your degree of job practical understanding, your resume structure is very important to making your application stick out. Resume is a continuous procedure and it is going to likely to call for updates in your whole career life. So long as you include all the appropriate info, sometimes a different look can be what makes you stick out from the remaining part of the applicants. The truly amazing thing about this portion of the profile statement is you most likely already have a notion of what your specialty is. It is a perfect opportunity for every job hunter to present and sell his or her skills and qualities. The resume profile statement is crucial to r eceiving the readers attention and making certain your resume receives serious consideration. The New Angle On Resume Profile Statement Just Released Management resumes benefit from listing the crucial skills of a person. Career objectives are most useful for people targeting one specific position, since they enable the applicant to directly cover the requirements of the business and show how they are going to fit in the workforce. It is crucial to be totally honest in your profile. Resume Profile You ought to be able to compose your profile in one short paragraph which can be inserted into your CV. The second portion of your resume profile should concentrate on your specialty. Your profile needs to be customized to coordinate with the qualifications the employer is seeking.

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Introducing Buy Essays

Introducing Buy Essays If you need your paper to be based on a specific material, be done utilizing a particular software or you require any different kind of additional info, you always have the option to upload the materials while placing the purchase. When you place your purchase, you will be supplied with an invoice. Youre absolutely free to contact them via your private account in the event you have to make some amendments or check the development of your purchase. When you get a paper online, youre purchasing a guarantee. The Battle Over Buy Essays and How to Win It After the last paper is finished, you are in possession of a limited time review period where we can make modifications to your paper free of charge. No matter whether you choose to purchase an essay on the internet or write it yourself, its important to pay your closest attention to small details since they determine the caliber of your writing piece. Sometimes you are just too tired, youve too many assig nments or life is overwhelming whatever the main reason is, knowing the very best website to get essays in the event of an emergency definitely wont hurt. With just a couple of clicks (and for only a few dollars), youre going to be in a position to conserve a large amount of time while at the same time looking after your academic progress. So for those who have an essay due and if its not ultra urgent, you may use our discount and find the very first paper at an extremely inexpensive price and STILL enjoy the exact same, superior quality. Some will have their writers disappear simply to appear with a very low excellent paper too near the deadline or following the deadline. Therefore, you can feel sure your paper is going to be custom written by means of an expert with appropriate qualification. 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If you would like to understand how to purchase essay on the internet that will boost your performance without overpayments and unnecessary problems, then youre at the perfect spotWhen you purchase an essay online cheap theres always a chance that the website you got it from isnt professio nal enough, and its exactly the reason why they do not ask much for their expert services. Lots of people turn to online writing services since there is no other choice. There are a 1000000 options but just a few are reputable. You may always buy college papers from online sources every single time you feel. Think about that next time you attempt to choose who to get papers online from. Whats more, the amount of essays which should be written over the course of a semester is nowhere near the quantity of fingers an ordinary person has. Its now absolutely crucial that you purchase essay from us if youre genuinely intent on becoming as big of a success as possible in the years to come. 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